Fruit & Veg // Cloth on Head // Head Against Object

People are approached in the street and asked to briefly engage in an unfamiliar activity. They are given no explanation beyond me needing a series of photo’s.

The seemingly pointless events look to interject peoples everyday lives with an unusual experience that has the potential to be strangely enjoyable and possibly a little liberating. The potential value of these events started to become apparent after someone was asked by an onlooker why he’d willingly participated. The gentleman replied “I have no idea but I’m glad I did”. Despite initially being apprehensive, saying he felt self-conscious, he managed disregard his concern to engage in something playful yet apparently purposeless. Despite being unsure why, he felt the experience had been of value.

Engaging in unfamiliar activities that have no obvious objective, has the potential to help us view things about ourselves, each other and our environment differently.  Children do it constantly and in turn learn and adapt incredibly fast. I believe engaging with that which we don’t understand, to be fundamental to our ability to learn, create and even to our evolution as a species. It is also a good way of enjoying everyday life.